Jilly Holness - Lookylooky Border Collies

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Zing will be 3 years Old in March 2013 and her mum is my lovely Rosmarinus Girly Rosmarinus Making Whoopee at Lookylooky - Sassy.

Zing started doing agility and won a 3-5 combined Qualifier putting her into Grade 4 but she then got an injury and hasn't competed during 2012 so I am hoping when Zing starts again in 2013 she will be sound.

I am hoping to breed from Zing at the End of 2013 and will keep you updated

Zing came back into agility competition during 2013 and won 3 grade 4 jumping sending her to Grade 5.  Clever Girlie Zing.

Zing winning her last Grade 4 jumping during 2013.

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